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Burger Stomper


I know a lot of people tonight have a lot of plans to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. However, my taste is a bit more simplistic. As we are in the process of crossing over to the new year in this freezing cold weather, there is nothing like a delicious juicy cheese burger to cap off all of the guilt eating over the holiday season. One of my all time favourite joints in Toronto is Burger Stomper. With the giant portion size and the freshly made burgers, it is the place to go. They have multiple variation of burgers and toping choices so there are choices out there.

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A trip back to the 90s

With 2013 almost coming to an end, I have been feeling rather nostalgic these days. I have been finding myself listening to the music from the 90s on a loop. Although there are some good music out there these days, there is something about the 90s that just causes me to keep going back.

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Playa Cabana


A few weeks ago I went to a Mexican restaurant for the birthday celebration of one of my closest friends. Up until this point, the only tacos I had were from Taco Bell which really doesn’t say much. At Playa Cabana, I had the Pallo Tinga which consist of braised chipotle chicken breast on a crispy tortilla, guac, crema, queso and it was fantastic! The tacos were juicy, fresh and simply delicious.

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P’tit Choux à Nadège

P'tit Choux

On my latest visit to Nadège with a friend of mine, I couldn’t help but noticed these delightful confections sitting there asking me to buy them. I have had them before but since we are still in the midst of the holiday season, why not get half a dozen? Why deny myself? The p’tit choux are the latest creation from Nadège where it consists of a light puff pastry filled with some creamy goodness in flavours that ranges from chocolate to pistachio decorated with colourful toppings. Although a lot of people go to Nadège for their macarons, I urge people to give the choux a try.

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A Friday of Simplicity

Tirumisu Delight

With the last Friday of the year upon us, what would be your ideal way to spend it? For me, it would be sitting in a warm cafe drinking a cappuccino and having a delicious dessert. A few Fridays ago, I visited Bobbette and Belle which is one of the best bakeries in town. Every few weeks their desserts are changed up with something new and the week I went they introduced the Tiramisu Delight which was basically two giant macaron shells with tiramisu goodness inside.  This was the perfect combination for coffee lovers out there.

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Happy Holidays!


I haven’t posted in several days due to the ice storm that lead to several thousands of families in the dark. I was fortunate enough to have power back before Christmas but I know there are many others out there that don’t. I hope everyone stays warm, healthy and happy this holiday.

I took this picture before the ice storm occurred at Kew Gardens close to the beaches. In the summer I love visiting the area when they host many festivals but in the winter it is also very beautiful.

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A little love……


With the cold weather, one of the key concerns is having cracked, painful hands. A key part of a skin care regime aside from the face are the hands and with the amount of wear and tear is goes through each day, a little love for it never hurts. Of the hand creams on the market, one of my all favourites is the Cherry Blossom by L’Occitane, not only is it non greasy but it is lightly scented so that for those with super sensitive skin it is quite suitable.

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