La fontaine

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After arriving by train from London to Paris, it was already late in the evening and naturally I was starving. The visit to the city was not my first time so I knew where I wanted to go. I decided to visit La fontaine, a restaurant located on Rue de Mouffetard. It is possible to have a sit down meal in Paris within a reasonable budget and I was able to accomplished that at La fontaine. The set menu cost me a little bit under 20€ and for what I got it was a good way to start the Paris part of the trip.

The meal first began with a French onion soup which was pretty awesome and with the melted cheese, there isn’t much more you can ask for to begin your meal.


The main course consist of muscles and fries which really filled me up and you can definitely get the bang for your buck.


Finally, the dessert which was a crème brûlée and let me tell you, if you have never had one before you must! It is this creamy sensation that hits all the right notes after a satisfying meal. 

Cher La fontaine,

Merci beaucoup pour la positive experience!

À bientôt


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