Russian Candy Treats

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Since it is the weekend, I decided to take a temporary break from writing about my travel adventures from last year. Over the holidays I had received a lot of candy from family, friends and colleagues. As many of you can tell from my blog, I love sweets and I love trying candy from different countries/markets. One of my colleagues had shared a sizeable bag of candy from his native Russia and I figured I should write a post about it before I finish eating the remainder of the bag. I have never had candy from Russia before so it was a new experience for me. A key difference that I have noticed that it is sweet but not overly sweet which suits my taste buds just fine. Also, another difference that I have noticed was that for some of the ones I received there was honey combined with the chocolate. I am not sure of the name because I was too busy eating but it was a unique combination for me. If anyone ever get the chance to try candy from other countries/markets, please do so because despite the different cultures we can all agree that we have a bit of a sweet tooth.


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