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Cut the Cheese

Cut the Cheese

How do you end of the last week of the month? Answer: Mac & Cheese

Classic Mac & Cheese

With the weather being unbelievably cold the last several weeks, a friend of mine recommended “Cut the Cheese” located in the west end of Toronto where they make some awesome comfort food. They have a wide range/combinations from grilled cheese to mac & cheese. I decided to opt for the classic mac & cheese because that is the essence of comfort food for me going back to days as a kid. I think the next time I visit, I will opt for a more adventurous combination.

For more information, please see: http://www.cutthecheese.ca


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She (For Liz) – Parachute

One of the things that I love about TV aside from being thoroughly entertained at times is the music that gets chosen to accompany the character’s on their journeys. I first heard this song on the CWTV drama Emily Owens MD which has now been cancelled as per the nature of TV Land. However, this song I found it to be well written and performed so check it out!

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Icefest 2014 – Yorkville

IMG_20140222_160810One of my favourite things to do during the winter is the Icefest in the Bloor – Yorkville area. With ice sculptures in a summer theme, you can really feel the warmth as there were also local businesses offering refreshments too.


What I have always admired about ice sculptures is that it is one of the most difficult medium to work with and more so, the pieces don’t stay there forever. There is a sense of urgency to admire the work while it is still there and I think in some ways we take advantage of having museums/conservatives that work tirelessly in preserving art for the future generations. If there is a chance to travel to see a historic site, I urge you to go as soon as you can.

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Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall

I have noticed that I have been focusing a lot about the sites and scenes of places that I have been to but not so much about places of where I am from. In the course of a year, Toronto does a lot of amazing festivals and opens up parts of the city for the public to tour. One of my all time favourite events is Doors Open Toronto which gave me the opportunity to tour Osgoode Hall.

Osgoode Hall - Library

Built in the 1800s, this building is still in use today by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the building is simply marvelous.

Osgoode Library

There is a vast amount of legal material here and you will need a library to house it all properly. One of the most beautiful rooms at Osgoode Hall would be the American Room and as you can see in the picture above the detailing leaves an awe factor which makes you appreciate the workmanship that went into construction.

Stain Glass - Osgoode Hall

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Peppermoon – Peu à Peu

A new band that I had recently discovered is called Peppermoon which is a Parisian pop band through the Korean Drama “I Need Romance 3”. I love how I came across this band through unconventional means because it just goes to show how universal music can be when you are discovering music in a different language in a drama from another language.

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Soma Chocolate Maker


With this brutally cold winter, there is nothing like drinking a cup of hot chocolate with more chocolate on the side. This lead me to pay a visit to Soma Chocolate Maker which is one of my all time favourite shops in Toronto. They have two locations with one located in the Distillery District and the other on King Street West (Entertainment/Financial District). Out of the two locations, I would have to say that I prefer visiting the Distillery District.


The historical building that houses Soma gives it a warm and classical feel that works great because you feel like it has transported you to another time and another place. Going to Europe can be rather pricey but I think Soma does a fabulous job in bringing the artisanal chocolate to Toronto’s doorsteps.

For more information, please see: http://www.somachocolate.com


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Now and Forever – Jo Jung Hee

I heard this song on a Korean Drama called “I Need Romance 3” and since then I can’t get this song out of my head. One of the things that I have come to love about K-Dramas is the amount of care and consideration when choosing music for their soundtracks. No longer do I just watch the dramas for entertainment but they have also become a source for me to learn about new music. I hope you like this song as much as I do!