Giverny – Claude Monet

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One of the greatest moments of this trip and in my life was to be able to visit the home of Claude Monet. I remembered the first time I saw the works of Monet in my art class and it spoke to me in ways that I cannot described. The waterlily series brought me a sense of peace and tranquility that have stayed with me through these years. Whenever I see the works of Monet, I feel a sense of calm. I had the pleasure of seeing many of this works while I stayed in the city but there was nothing like visiting his home and seeing what had inspired it all.


The trip to Giverny was relatively pleasant as I had found the town to me peaceful and I understood why Monet decided to live there. Touring the home and the gardens was a one in a life time experience but the moment I made my way to the waterlily garden I could barely hold my glee. There was something truly gratifying in being able to see something that you had only witnessed in books and whether you are an art lover or not, a trip to Giverny is a must!


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