Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


I am sure most of you have figured out by now that I am a bit of a sucker for parks. As much as I am a city girl at heart, I love the green sceneries. The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is one of the most beautiful parks that I have been to and I love the amount of walking paths there are. I like taking long walks not for the romantic notions that are commonly associated with it but rather its a means for me to clear my head. I am not sure about everyone out there but sometimes I find that to truly soak in the experience, you need a clear head.


The park itself was bigger than I expected and I actually didn’t have enough time to walk through it all. I will have to revisit the park again when the opportunity arises.



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Harajaku District


I didn’t know what to expect before my visit to the Harajaku District despite what I had researched beforehand. As you could probably tell, this is a very popular area and its hard to get a decent picture when you have people coming at all directions.There was no doubt in my mind when I visited was that this was definitely the entertainment/fashion district for teens. This was also one of those times where I was glad that I didn’t have much luggage room because there are a lot of cute things that you just want to buy but you might not need.

It is not difficult to find the latest trends, cosplay outfits and bargains in this area but it isn’t just shopping here that makes the district worthwhile because there are also quite a bit of cafes as well as restaurants too. I wished I had the stomach quota to go for more food but after the meal I had at Yoyogi Park, I knew I was done for the next bit.





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Lunch at Yoyogi Park


I was actually quite surprised at the reasonable price of a udon noodle at the visitor resting area at the park. Normally, I avoid eating at places by tourist attractions just because it can get a bit pricey but I was way too hungry to care that day. It is quite funny how all logic goes out of the window when you are starving and all you could think about was getting something into the stomach. For 650円, I was well fed and it kept me stuffed for the remainder of the day until dinner. (It’s also cheaper than the price of a McDonald’s combo in Toronto) 

Despite enjoying a satisfying lunch, I couldn’t resist the sight of green tea ice cream. I know most people cringe at the idea of green tea in any other format other than drinking but if its done right, green tea is simply delicious in any type of desserts. Some people might not be used to the taste as it is more of an acquired taste and I think if you ever come across green tea chocolate, ice cream, or cake, give it a go.


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Yoyogi Park/Meiji Shrine


There was nothing like starting the day off then taking a picturesque walk at one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park was one of the most beautiful parks that I have ever been to. It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


In addition to the beautiful scenes, there was also the Kakuun-Tei (Tea House) which was built-in the 1900s by the order of His Majesty the Emperor Meiji for Her Majesty the Empress Shoken. The building that we see in this picture is actually a reconstruction as the original was destroyed due to the war.


In touring the park, not only do you learn about the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken’s life but you also get to visit the Meiji Shrine which is located within the park.


During this visit to Meiji Shrine, I had the privilege of witnessing a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. This is one of the life events that regardless of culture, country or religion, one can only feel the joy of two people finding each other and spending their life together. While I was just merely a visitor, I sincerely wish the couple a long and happy marriage!

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If you like shopping, you will probably have a lot of fun in Shibuya as it is one of the prime shopping districts in Tokyo. As I ventured along the area, I have noticed that while there are some high-end stores in the area there were a lot more mid-range stores for shoppers in comparison to Ginza.

In addition to the shopping, there are tons of bars, restaurants, etc in the area. I wished I had time to return in the evening to soak it all in but as we all know with travelling, you want to do everything but you can’t do everything. There is always next time…..



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Ginza Tenkuni


I know a lot of people have the preconceived notion that in terms of cuisine in Japan there is only sushi but I can tell you that it is simply not true. After a long day exploring the city, I had decided to head to Ginza for a late dinner and although this district has some of the most expensive restaurants in the city the price of my meal was still under $20 CDN which was manageable. The experience at the restaurant was overall positive and it a good meal to end of the evening. I have had tempura shrimp before but it was usually more batter than shrimp but this time it was the perfect ratio. It was actually more shrimp and a thin layer of batter over a bed of rice. The miso soup was also a bit different from the other ones that I had before and it just went well with the rest of the meal. Looking at this picture makes me hungry again and I hope to visit soon.

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Akihabara (Electronic District)


Given Japan’s reputation as an electronics giant, it was only right that I made a stop at Akihabara and it was definitely an experience in itself. This district which is well known for its electronics was definitely overwhelming for the technologically challenged individuals such as myself. Apart of me felt like I was in the future just because of the amount and types of gadgets available. I had wish I could have bought but the sensible side of me knew that with the warranties, compatibility issues, etc. it would be a bit difficult. What is one to do?