Sai Kung



What many people who are not familiar with Hong Kong might not know is that despite being a populous metropolitan city, there are some picturesque scenes. Sai Kong is located north-east of Hong Kong that is well known for its seafood as well as laid back atmosphere. While I had visited this area with some relatives, I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to have the seafood as it was still relatively early in the morning. (Tip: Most restaurants don’t open until 12-1pm)

Instead we went for desserts in lieu of lunch after all I am on a vacation so some rules just went out of the window. We visited this dessert shop called Honeymoon Dessert where they served many traditional types of sweets. Some of these desserts can be pudding, jelly or a sweet sauce/soup based.


The above is green tea ice cream with sago which I can best to describe it as a bean like substance. It was my first time having sago and it reminded me of tapioca but with a bit of a crunch.


The dessert above consists of mangos, Thai sticky sweet rice and this sweet milk which is great on a humid hot day.


Last by not least, mango pudding to complete the dessert order.


4 thoughts on “Sai Kung

  1. Any reviews on the street food in Hong Kong?

  2. Desserts for lunch? I like it!

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