Street Snacks

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This is probably not the greatest picture especially when you are trying to eat something (it was delicious by the way) and take a picture at the same time. What I am holding here is a type of red bean pudding (Cantonese: Put chai ko) which can often be found just about anywhere in Hong Kong. It consists of mainly steamed sugar and red beans which is a simple but fantastic combination.  This red bean pudding is open steamed in a small bowl and scooped out to eat. I have had this dessert multiple times in Toronto but rarely fresh so it was definitely a treat to eat it warm.


My second favourite street snack, egg waffles (Cantonese: Gai daan jai). It looks a bit like a Belgian waffle but it is unique in its own way as it is often eaten plain without any additional items such as ice cream or sauces. Egg waffles when done right are crispy with just the right amount of crunch when you bite into it. You may noticed that they look like little eggs which is exactly what the Cantonese name for it is when you literally translate it. To eat this, you just rip off piece by piece and let the fluffy chewiness melt in your mouth.


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