Nan Lian Garden/Chi Lin Nunnery

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Of the places I’ve visited in Hong Kong, the Nan Lian Garden would definitely be one of my favourites. The garden was a much welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the experience of simply walking around was marvellous. Although the garden looks like something that was built several hundred of years ago, it was actually built in the 2000s by the government. The architecture style is heavily influenced by the Tang Dynasty capturing the essence of a traditional garden.


With a variation of pavilions around the garden, many visitors can sit and enjoy the scenery. As you walk around the garden, there is a very soft traditional music playing in the background which helps to set the mood/tone in the garden.


There are also a variety of bridges around the garden but what took my breath away was the Pavilion Bridge but unfortunately it is sealed off to the public so you can only admire it at a distance. However, the experience of walking through the garden was simply awesome! The garden is adjacent to Chi Lin Nunnery where its architecture is also heavily influenced by the Tang Dynasty.




One thought on “Nan Lian Garden/Chi Lin Nunnery

  1. I just visited these sites myself last weekend. What a lovely discovery! Thanks for sharing your post.

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