Considering my love for fast-food, I knew I had to visit one of the local chains despite the slew of multinational chains located conveniently throughout the city. I wanted to see what was the local version of fast food, what did they have on the menu and how the experience was different from the likes chains such as McDonald’s.

Fairwood was one of the chains that I had visited where their menu is a fusion of east and west ingredients that has been catered to local pallets. What I am having here is a hot dog bun with some sauce/lettuce adapted to the local pallets and a red bean fuzzy (Cantonese: Huan Dao Bing) which is a dessert like drink where you have red beans drenched in condensed milk and tons of ice.


3 thoughts on “Fairwood

  1. Can it really be good?! 🙂

    • It was different from what I am used to but it was actually pretty good. I have had the red bean fuzzy countless times over my childhood but the croissant/bun thing was new. It wasn’t big in serving size put it kept me pretty stuffed. It had more of a creamy, savoury taste to it instead of the salty taste that we would get if we were simply to eat a hot dog. Its all in the sauce!

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