Tsim Sha Tsui (Part 1)

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On my visit to Tsim Sha Tsui, I was fortunate enough to see these old styled boats still in use. I was so giddy that I snapped as many shots as I could in order to get the right one. This area of Hong Kong is right by the water so not only do you get to witness the skyline day and night but you also get to ride the Star Ferry across the water instead of taking the underground metro. Tsim Sha Tsui has a lot of attractions in the area where it is popular with locals and tourists alike. One of the well-known attractions is the Avenue of Stars.


At the beginning of the Avenue of Stars, there is a large replica of the award that is given at the Hong Kong Film Awards annually. The award would be the city’s equivalent of the Oscars which is probably the best comparison I can give considering this Avenue of Stars is based on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


There are many names on this avenue and some of them might be familiar to audiences outside of Hong Kong. Such international stars include Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan.


Aside from the plaques featuring names of famous celebrities, there is also a statue dedicated to Bruce Lee along the avenue.




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