Last Night in Tokyo



For my last night in the city, I decided to take it easy since I had to check out early the next day to catch the train to Kyoto. I wish I could say I did something crazy and wild but it wasn’t really my style. Instead, I decided to take a stroll along the Shinjuku District and just enjoy myself. There are tons of shops, malls and restaurants within this area so the chances of you getting bored is rare. I found the crowd in the area to be a mixture of young and old just because there are a lot of office buildings in this area.


One of the store that I had stumbled across was the 100 Yen Store which is the Japanese equivalent of the Dollar Store. This store is simply awesome because the quality of the items you can get for only 100 Yen totally exceeded my expectations. The items that you can find include everything from umbrellas to make-up.

To finish off the night, I decided that a tempura udon was in order. The soup broth along with the shrimp tempura just compliments each other and I was definitely stuffed.

I know some people might get nervous about ordering in another language that they don’t speak and I too felt some of it when I first arrived in Japan but I can assure you that it’s actually not that scary. One of the great things about ordering is that there is often a picture menu available and restaurants often use that to aid travellers when ordering if they don’t have an English menu or English-speaking staff. I would recommend to learn a few words such as thank you, please and numbers in Japanese because if you make an honest effort in trying just a little, not only are you showing respect to the locals but you are also enhancing your own experience by learning something new.





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