Soba Noodles

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I ended up arriving in Kyoto around noon and by then I was already starving so before I could officially start exploring, I figured I should have lunch first.  Since I had already done sushi and udon noodles, I decided to go for some soba noodles. Although the dish looks simplistic, don’t be fooled because some of the best meals are the simplest. One of the unique things about soba noodles is that you aren’t limited in the format that you eat it. Soba noodles can either come in a hot bowl with broth, as a salad or chilled on a bamboo tray. I decided to go for the chilled format and it was simply refreshing as you dip the noodle into the cup of cold broth you are getting the flavour/texture of the noodle complimenting each other. You can find soba noodles just about anywhere in Japan and it comes in a variety of price ranges depending how elaborate you want it but trying the basic is how you can get the essence of the dish.



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