Ippodo Tea

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I had previously mentioned Ippodo Tea in one of my earlier posts and it was only right that I visit their main store in Kyoto. For those that aren’t familiar with tea in general, Kyoto is known to have some of the best green tea in the world which makes sense given the history and proximity to tea fields in Uji which I will be discussing later. Ippodo Tea has been around since 1717 and I can assure you that they know their tea. The staff at the store was highly knowledgeable and they were happy to explain the different types of green tea, the respective grades and the brewing method.


Despite the fact that Japan is known for its technology and its advancement, it is also a country that is rich in history. One of the things I loved about the store is their decor and how much it adds to the charm of the place. The moment you step inside you get a sense of tradition and culture all at once. I knew that aside from buying tea, I had to take advantage of the adjacent tea room in their main store and it was an experience of a life time for me. The cost of the experience depends on the type of tea you want and the higher the grade the more expensive it naturally is. I opted to go for a midrange sencha tea that came with a traditional Japanese sweet on the side and it only cost me 650円 (roughly $6.50CDN). 






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  1. was there few years ago, splendid!

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