Yojiya – A 110 Year Old Cosmetic Company

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In Kyoto, I have noticed that a lot of the businesses there have been in business for over a century and Yojiya was one of the companies that I have stumbled upon my visit. Yojiya has been in business since 1904 and of their product portfolio, they are best known for their blotting paper (aburatorigami) where it still remains as one of their top sellers today. For those that are not familiar with blotting paper, these are special kind of papers designed to soak up excess facial oil that can be quite uncomfortable. In addition to blotting paper, they also have hand cream, make up, skin care, etc. 

I know when it comes to cosmetics in Japan, many people would think of the large conglomerates such as Shiseido and Shu Uemura but there are so many smaller brands that are worth mentioning. I love supporting local businesses when I travel and after trying the products by Yojiya, I definitely felt that it was worth the price. Sadly the majority of their stores are located in Kyoto and some kiosks at the airports/train stations. I definitely will need to return to the city again to stock up!


One thought on “Yojiya – A 110 Year Old Cosmetic Company

  1. These are what I bought from Kyoto too and I’m in love with their products!

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