The Philosopher’s Walk

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There are a lot of places to take walks in Kyoto but of all the places there are, The Philosopher’s Walk would have to be one of the best known. The cherry blossom trees didn’t quite blossom when I was there as there were only a few trees that started to bloom but it was still worth the visit. Along this path there were an assortment of shrines, temples, shops and restaurants and oddly enough I found it to all compliment the atmosphere. While I was exploring this path, I couldn’t help myself but to try dango for the first time. Dango (similar to mochi) is a type of Japanese dessert dumpling that is served on a skewered and they have come in a variety of flavours depending on the season. Overall I liked dango, it was delicious and a lot easier to eat while walking compared to other treats (ex. ice cream) where it ends up all over you.







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