Higashiyama District

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Although Gion District is probably known as one of the most famous historical districts, I actually preferred the Higashiyama District instead. This district by far is one of the most memorable places that I have ever been to. I just absolutely loved how the streets, the homes and the shops have been so well preserved allowing subsequent generations to enjoy and appreciate the history/culture of the area.


A lot of the shops in the area sells local specialities (ex. tea, textiles, etc.) and there are ones that add a modern twist. I have had green tea ice cream many times over but I couldn’t help myself with the opportunity to have a cherry blossom/green tea twist presented itself. The taste was really unique as you had equal green tea and cherry blossoms complimenting each other perfectly.



One thought on “Higashiyama District

  1. Wow look at all of the people! The ice cream looks yummy too. Love the idea of green tea and cherry blossom.

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