Chez Ashton

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For those that have no idea what a poutine is, I can honestly say that you are missing out. It is the ultimate comfort food and for me it ranks above mac and cheese. Poutine is a beautiful marriage of fries, cheese and gravy and don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the ingredients because the taste is out of the world. I have seriously lost count of the amount of poutines that I have had since I arrived but can you blame me? There are a variation of poutines but I normally go for the classic and prior to my arrival I had asked the same friend who recommended La Caisse-Crêpe Brenton as to where it would be a good place to go. Chez Ashton, a local fast food chain was recommended to me and since then I have made several visits and based on my observation, it might actually be more popular than McDonald’s here. A lot of people go there for poutine but they also offer burgers and hotdogs too. I always like to see what the local fast-food chain offers during my travels and I can say that Chez Ashton is up there in terms of places to go.


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