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Beaches Jazz Fest


One of my all time favourite summer festivities in Toronto would have to be the Beaches Jazz Fest. I have been attending the festival for the past few years but tonight it could have not been any more perfect. It was great summer weather, awesome crowd, good food and most importantly the music. It’s hard to not enjoy the festival as a long stretch of Queen Street East is closed off for the public with bands playing music on the street and many of the local merchants out in full force selling local goods.


The great thing about the festival is that not only does it celebrate music but it also gives the opportunity for attendees to experience a different part of the city. I know that when a lot of people think of Toronto, it usually doesn’t go beyond the downtown core as that is where a lot of the tourist attractions are but I can definitely assure you that the city has a lot more to offer.




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Summer Drinks


During the summer, I have my few go to drinks such as pop, iced tea and frappachinos but I have recently fallen head over heels with Limonana. I had first heard of this drink when I visited Crêpes à GoGo which I had previously mentioned on my blog and after trying it, I was hooked. Limonana is this beautiful mix of mint and lemons that tastes great both hot or cold depending on your mood which makes it ideal all year round. What I love about this drink is that its sweet but it’s not overly sweet which is a great alternative from drinking pop.

This drink is actually the creation of the owner behind Crêpes à GoGo and it started out as something that was only offered at the café but its grown into something more. It can now be found at various retailers across Toronto and I actually picked this up today at Ed’s Real Scoop which I will talk about soon.

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Sushi Cravings


Although I had my fair share of sushi while I was in Japan, I couldn’t deny my cravings any longer. In the past I have posted pictures from restaurants that I had visited but I decided to do something a bit different today. Instead of going out for sushi, I decided to make my own. As some of you might know, California Rolls aren’t exactly authentic sushi but it’s as far as my skills set can take me.

Despite the fact that it took a lot of prep work, I actually enjoyed making my own sushi. California Rolls don’t require a lot of ingredients, namely crab meat, cucumber and avocados. It is a relatively healthy meal which makes it an ideal especially during the summer. I find that during the summer I want to eat meals that are chilled but still satisfying so sushi is usually an ideal choice for me. However, I still love my burgers though but I am trying to be a little bit more healthier by mixing it up.


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Moo Milk Bar


As far as I am concerned, cookies and milk are a match made in food heaven. What I love about them is that they are good year round including the blazing hot summer. I know most people would choose ice cream at the first thought of summer but a nice glass of cold milk and a cookie is just as awesome. Moo Milk Bar is a relatively new establishment that is based in the beaches area of Toronto and they are a delight! They offer a variety of milk ranging from banana, mocha to strawberry but that is not all because their cookie selections are also equally impressive. What is not to love?

Check out their selection: