Foodie Week

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Once again, my cravings for sushi strikes again but this time I decided to be a bit more creative. Whenever I make sushi, I usually make extra for my family but I didn’t just want to pack up sushi in a box. I decided to use the left over ingredients to make tiny little rolls in order to form random designs in order to give the arrangement an extra something. What I would consider to be the actual finishing touch of this experiment was the wasabi leaf. Whenever I go out to eat, the wasabi often just comes in a blob but given the rich colour, why not try to mould it into some beautiful?

In addition to making sushi, I wanted to be a bit more ambitious this week and attempted to make mochi for the first time. I must admit, my mochi was seriously lacking in the red bean/dough ratio but this is just the beginning. I am hoping that after a few more tries, I can get a better feel for it. I think this is the beauty of food in general because it involves a bit of science, a bit of art and most importantly a lot of patience.



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