Croissant Attempt #1

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Ever since I’ve taken a baking class during my visit to Paris last year, I’ve been wanting to try to make some on my own.  However, one of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered is sourcing the ingredients in order to produce similar results. One of the key ingredients in baking a croissant is butter and for those that aren’t aware, European butter has a higher percentage of fat content as oppose to butter found in North America. For butter to be considered butter in France, it needs to have a minimum of 84% fat content were as in Canada it is only 80%. Although the 4% difference does not seem significant, I can tell you otherwise because the less fat content there is the more water there will be in the overall recipe which makes it very difficult to reproduce the fluffy layers in a croissant.

What is a girl to do but to work with what she’s got? My first attempt to fly solo in this croissant making attempt did not look as sexy as I would like but the taste was probably as close as I could get it to be. However, while I was able to achieve some layers in the croissant, I did noticed that it was not as fluffy as I know it could have been. I have many more attempts to go but I do hope I can get it as close as the croissant from my baking class. While trying to make the croissant on my own, I had renewed respect for not only just pastry chefs but chefs everywhere who are dedicated to their art.


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