Shortbread Cookies (With a Twist) Attempt #1

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Since I was already in the spirit with buttery baked goods, I figured why not continue the trend with shortbread cookies? With half a block of butter left in the fridge from my croissant attempt earlier, I decided to put it into good use. One of the things that I like about making shortbread cookies is that it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients namely: salt, flour, vanilla extract, icing sugar and of course butter.


Although it was my first time attempting to make shortbread cookies, I felt a little adventurous and decided to make a green tea (matcha) version as well. To my surprise, it went butter than expected as I had made full green tea versions and half green tea versions. The thing with shortbread cookies is that they belong with tea so why not add a hint of it into the recipe? But I must admit, green tea was only the beginning for me as I went and melted some dark chocolate to dip the cookies.


I had some casualties along the way which are now in my stomach. 😀 This was my first time dipping anything in chocolate and what I did not account for was that it would cause the cookies to snap so easily. Shortbread in general is delicate so when you are dipping it in chocolate you have to be rather careful as the weight of the chocolate can cause the cookie to snap. The other alternative is to put some chocolate in a sandwich bag to create an impromptu piping bag and create random designs. However, it can get very messy but delicious at the same time.



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