Croissants Attempt #2

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My second attempt at making croissants on my own was a lot smoother and tastier than the first attempt. Aside from the croissants looking more aesthetically pleasing, one of the key changes that I have made was the butter. In my previous post, I had mentioned that I first learned how to make croissants during my trip to France last year and one of my key takeaways from the lesson was difference in butter.

After much researching, I was pleased to have found this butter from a little creamery located in Stirling, Ontario. They are the only creamery that I am aware of that makes European style butter. This was a great find especially when you can’t fly to France to get the butter you need. I must say that after trying their Stirling European Style Butter: Churn 84 un-salted, I have noticed that the bread became a lot softer and tastier. It was definitely a lot easier to roll the European styled butter into the dough as it did not break as easily which allowed the croissant dough to take its form.



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