Onigiri Factory

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With the month coming to an end and with a new month beginning, I decided to make an old favourite of mine. For those that aren’t aware of what onigiri is, it is essentially Japanese rice balls with a filling on the inside with a piece of seaweed on the outside. Traditionally, onigiri can be eaten plain with the rice being seasoned by light salt or it can be filled with picked plums. However, as time change there has been more and more different times of fillings such as salmon with mayo, etc.

One of the most common misconception out there is that onigiri is another form of sushi but I can assure you that there are some distinctions. A key point would be the rice being used, in comparison to sushi, Japanese rice balls are made with plain rice without the rice vinegar.


I find onigiri to be a nice alternative to sandwiches because unlike sandwiches that gets soggy quickly. Onigiri has seaweed wrappers available allowing you to keep the seaweed away from the rice before eating thus nothing gets soggy. When it comes to making the filling, I am a non-traditionalist so I like to use crab sticks mixed in kewpie mayo with some masago in it. Since I rarely just make oniguri for myself, I like to make spicy and non-spicy onigiris. How do I make spicy onigiris? I like to add chilli garlic sauce into the mayo instead of sriracha because I find that it gives you more of a kick.



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