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Riverdale Park


With the weather getting chilly and the leaves changing colour, I decided to take a walk along the Riverdale Park a few week ago to enjoy what was left of the warm weather. I am definitely not ready for the winter.



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A little taste of Paris


I have never been a major Halloween person but rather I am more invested in the post-Halloween sales for candy. Instead of going out in this wet and cold weather, I prefer to enjoy something a bit more simplistic. On my latest trip to Bobbette & Belle, I was pleasantly surprised by their new packaging for their macarons. It only made sense that I bought some and pair it up with tea from Fauchon which is simply awesome!

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The Tempered Room

wpid-img_20141018_105545.jpgI rarely venture out to the Parkdale area but with a new bakery in town I had little to no self constraint. The Tempered Room has been a pleasant surprise with the variety of pastries and baked goods. I was intrigued with their chouxs and the variety of eclairs because the eclairs that I’ve often seen growing up were the classic chocolate ones. In addition to the sweets, I was pleased to see some classic staples (croissants) at the bakery and since I was there early in the morning I decided to go for a classic croissant with a cappuccino. I can honestly say that they make some of the best croissants that I have had in the city. I will need to go back to try everything else soon!


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Ashbridge Estate


Despite the fact that Toronto is a relatively modern city compared to other major cities around the world, I am always pleasantly surprised to see historical buildings that are well-preserved. One of my favourite buildings would be the Ashbridge Estate located between the Beaches and the Lesileville area. The Ashbridge Family first arrived in Toronto (formerly known as York) in the late 1700s and they had settled in the area for 200 years. As the time changed so did the family’s profession from pioneers, farmers and finally to professionals. To that effect, portions of the land that they had occupied was sold off over the years for development purposes but the Ashbridge Estate remains to tell their story.

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Croissants Attempt #4


After attempts #1, #2, and #3, I can safely say that I have finally figured out why the bread wasn’t as fluffy as I would like. One of the key ingredients in creating a good croissant is yeast and in order for the yeast to perform it like the way it is supposed to, you need to know how to activate it properly. In my previous attempts, I did not heat the milk warm enough before putting the yeast in it and that prevented the yeast to reach its full potential. In this latest attempt, I have noticed that the bread was definitely a lot more fluffy and I am now getting the croissant to look/feel the way I want so I am hoping that after a few more tries I will get it to the final state.

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Lillan Massey Building


There are many beautiful buildings across Toronto but the Lillian Massey Building would probably be one of my all time favourites. In this day and age where practically everything gets torn down for a condo, I am always happy to see a historical building still be in use.