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Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookies


With 2014 coming to an end, I felt that it was only appropriate that I finish it with a delicious post. I had previously tried making green tea shortbread cookies┬ábut they weren’t well received so I decided this time to make French butter cookies instead. The key difference between shortbread cookies and butter cookies is that with shortbread, there aren’t any eggs in the recipe. With the lack of eggs, shortbread cookies tend to crumble quickly which is apart of its charm but it’s not for everyone as a lot of people who I know prefer their cookies to stay together.

When I was searching for the perfect recipe, I decided to settle on this one from Just One Cookbook because it offered step by step diagrams and I felt that it was relatively easy to follow. As you can see, the cookies turned out very well on the first attempt and the change in texture made a difference in how well it was received. I think this will be a recipe that I will be making many times over in the new year.


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Croissant Attempt #5



This latest croissant attempt was not a success sadly because in comparison to my previous attempt, you can barely see the layers that should have been there. For this batch, I actually rushed through it because with the heat now on at home I was struggling to control the temperature of the house as the butter started to get all melted on me.

What I have learned from this batch is that during winter time, my best bet would be to turn off the heat at home and then proceed with working on the butter. Another thing I have learned from my last batch and this one is that when I am proofing the bread, I need to work on the timing as I have learned the hard way. That is the beauty of cooking in general, you get to taste your successes and failures, kind of like life.

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Mochi Attempt #3


I recently decided to try making mochi again and I can definitely say that it turned out a lot better than attempt #2. I have been able to get the ratio between red beans and dough to be a bit more consistent which I am very happy about. I have noticed that making the red bean paste wasn’t the hard part but rather ensuring that the dough doesn’t rip while wrapping it is the challenging part. I will definitely have to try again in order to get the technique down.


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Toronto Christmas Market – Distillery District


I have been seriously delinquent on my postings over this past month but I do have good reason though. I am sure all of you know that with holiday season, it’s a crazy busy time for anyone and everyone but it does not mean that I don’t take a breather though. Over this past weekend, I decided to make a trip to the Distillery District for some chocolate and of course their annual Christmas Market.


With the historical backdrop of the Distillery District, the organizers did an amazing job in transforming it into a Christmas Market that gives off a distinctive European feel.


With local merchants participating, this event gives participants the chance to enjoy the holidays and also for them to learn about local businesses that they may not be aware of. Naturally, no market is ever complete with a poutine offering!