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Soba Noodle Salad


With the post holiday season, I felt I needed a bit of detox from all of the rich foods that I have been eating. For a quick and easy meal, I decided to make a soba noodle salad using a vinaigrette dressing but customizing with ingredients of my choice. The original recipe called for more ingredients than I had in my fridge so I had to do a bit of improvising which left me using edamame, crab meat and shredded cucumbers to give it refreshing feel. Although the ingredients was a bit different from the original recipe, the dressing itself served as the perfect base allowing a variation of ingredients to complement it.


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Hello 2015 and Super Dry Skin


With the arrival of 2015, it was not only the beginning of a new year but it was also the continuation of the dry skin season for many people. Winter has rarely been kind to my skin and I am sure many people out there who have experienced similar issues can understand. This year has started off rather well in that department due to one of my favourite brands Innisfree launching their global e-store. I had first heard of this brand when I visited Hong Kong last year and naturally like any skin care lover out there, I stock piled on products before I returned home. Overall, my experience with their products have been relatively positive and its done a great job in rescuing my skin from the harsh elements.


I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they launched their global e-store and after my initial experience with them I look forward to continuing to order from them. The selection online was not as vast as what I would find in their stores but the launch of the e-store is headed towards the right direction. One of Innisfree’s selling point is that they are a eco-friendly company through sourcing natural ingredients from Jeju Island to using recyclable packaging in order to give back to the earth.