Uncle Tetsu

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With a new dessert shop arriving in Toronto, I couldn’t resist trying despite the fact that it was an hour-long wait. What is so special about Uncle Tetsu? For anyone who has ever had Japanese Cheesecake, they will know that it is a lot lighter in comparison to a New York Style Cheesecake which means that you can eat half of a cheesecake without feeling overly stuffed. I have had Japanese Cheesecake before but I must say that Uncle Tetsu’s would probably be one of the best that I’ve ever had as it was simply light and it melts in your mouth.

All of the cakes are baked on sight and it comes out of the oven on an hourly basis so it guarantees its freshness. The cake might not look decadent but do not let first impressions fool you because it was simply sublime.



One thought on “Uncle Tetsu

  1. Looks so cute!

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