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Starbucks Hong Kong


In my recent trip to Hong Kong, I had a craving for Starbucks which is not exactly a surprise to those that know me. There is something magical and mystical about caffeine but while coffee is pretty much standard in their locations around the world, the pastries are not. I have had my share of muffins over the years but this was my first time trying a matcha red bean muffin which surprisingly works.


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Hojicha Pudding


The first time I had hojicha pudding was at Mon K Patisserie and it changed my perspective on puddings forever. Prior to having a hojicha pudding, most puddings I have had where rich and very heavy so it was quite pleasant to come across something that was light. For those who do not know what hojicha is, it is basically a form of Japanese tea that produced a caramel like flavour without the high level of caffeine that would be found it matcha.


It took a few times before I got the pudding at the right consistency and taste. Straining the tea leaves allowed me to capture the taste and aroma from the tea which was the easiest part of the process. I had found that using the gelatine powder was the most challenging part because if it’s not done properly the pudding would not solidify properly in the fridge. However with enough practice and experimentation, this is a relatively easy dessert to make due to minimal ingredients involved.

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Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am sure everyone out there has had chocolate chip cookies at one point in their life but what about chocolate chip cookies with espresso flavouring? I am not sure whether it is because I am sleep deprived, love coffee a little too much or maybe I am just a caffeine addict but espresso powder adds a nice touch to this classic cookie.

While I was hunting for espresso powder, it was actually harder than I thought because I went to my local Bulk Barns but no luck. Fortunately, Nestle makes espresso powder that can be found at most grocery stores but it is a little bit pricier so if you end up getting some, make sure you wait for it to go on sale!

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Banana Muffins (with Mascarpone Cheese)


I’ve always liked eating banana bread/muffins but this was actually my first time attempting to make it myself. I think the biggest struggle for me was making sure that the muffins were moist but not heavy so after scouring the web an interesting solution was posed to me….mascarpone cheese

Little did I realize the that this was a life changer especially when it came to keeping the muffins moist and fluffy at the same time. I know there are other recipes out there that calls for using sour cream but I think for now I am going to stick with using mascarphone cheese especially since I have a whole tub that I need to finish.

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Homemade Egg Tarts


I really wanted to challenge myself this year when it came to baking so I decided to try my hand at egg tarts. For those who are not familiar as to what egg tarts are, it is a very popular pastry that can be found in  Hong Kong, England, and Macau with different variations to it. This was actually my fourth attempt trying to make the egg tart and while I got the custard down to where I want it to be its the tart itself that is the difficult part. Egg tarts are a delicate balance between the custard and the tart itself and it can really make a difference in the overall taste.

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Narita Airport


With the different airports that I have been to, I would have to say that Narita Airport is possibly one of my favourite ones especially with the amount of things to do during a layover. I couldn’t stop myself and had a little fun stocking up on some onigiris and Kit Kats. I know a lot of people out there have had some boring experiences at airports with nothing to do but with traveling, sometimes you never know what you may find.