Hojicha Pudding

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The first time I had hojicha pudding was at Mon K Patisserie and it changed my perspective on puddings forever. Prior to having a hojicha pudding, most puddings I have had where rich and very heavy so it was quite pleasant to come across something that was light. For those who do not know what hojicha is, it is basically a form of Japanese tea that produced a caramel like flavour without the high level of caffeine that would be found it matcha.


It took a few times before I got the pudding at the right consistency and taste. Straining the tea leaves allowed me to capture the taste and aroma from the tea which was the easiest part of the process. I had found that using the gelatine powder was the most challenging part because if it’s not done properly the pudding would not solidify properly in the fridge. However with enough practice and experimentation, this is a relatively easy dessert to make due to minimal ingredients involved.


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