Salted Caramel Cookies

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I didn’t think it was possible but after baking as much as I did this past holiday season, I think it was safe to say that I was cookied out for 2016. Thankfully, it is a new year so the cookie quota starts all over again. I normally make classic cookies as gifts for family and friends such as gingersnaps or chocolate chips but I had wanted to change it up. My attempt on the salted caramel cookies had some ups and downs with the ones that did not turn out properly ending up in my stomach.


I didn’t realize that there were so many types of sea salts which was a learning process for me. With this cookie, I only had coarse sea salt on hand so I used that which wasn’t the best idea as it really made it salty. However, with the subsequent batches I managed to get my hands on flaked sea salt which is a lot lighter and easier to crush by hand when you are trying to garnish the cookies. Lesson learned. I am not sure what kind of cookies I will make this year but I think I will be a tad bit more cautious this time around.



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