Castella/Kasutera (Japanese Sponge Cake)

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Aside from eating, one of the most important aspects of my food journey is learning how to make things. For those that have read my blog, you probably have seen some of the hits and misses of my experiments. I have been craving cake lately but I didn’t want anything with icing so I did a little research and stumbled on this recipe which was relatively easy to follow. Castella is a form of Japanese sponge cake that is quite popular in Asia due to the fact that its sweet but not overly sweet. I have found that as much as I love sweets, there are cakes out there with more icing than cake which actually makes my stomach ache (Mom was right after all).

When I was trying this recipe, it was a bit of a challenge because I have never baked without baking powder or baking soda before. This cake rises through the excessive beating of the eggs in order to create the air bubbles to help the cake rise. Another tip for those that plan on trying it is to make sure that the eggs are at room temperature because that is when the eggs blend thoroughly with the other dry ingredients.


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