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Graydon Clinical Luxury


With the sunny weather on the horizon, it was time that I needed to search for a new facial sunscreen for the summer. I normally use convention brands such as Vichy or La Roche-Posay but I thought that I should try something new this year. I have always been skeptical of organic sunscreen as I had previously found the ones on the market to leave an unpleasant feel.

I was recently introduced to this Canadian based organic brand called Graydon Clinical Luxury and its been a pleasant surprise overall.  It leaves a matte finished and it is not heavily scented which is great for people with allergies. Considering the fact that the skin is the largest organ, it is important that it is given as much attention as the food you eat. I know its tough to avoid chemicals overall but with the increasing availability of organic skin care, the possibilities are there.


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Hello 2015 and Super Dry Skin


With the arrival of 2015, it was not only the beginning of a new year but it was also the continuation of the dry skin season for many people. Winter has rarely been kind to my skin and I am sure many people out there who have experienced similar issues can understand. This year has started off rather well in that department due to one of my favourite brands Innisfree launching their global e-store. I had first heard of this brand when I visited Hong Kong last year and naturally like any skin care lover out there, I stock piled on products before I returned home. Overall, my experience with their products have been relatively positive and its done a great job in rescuing my skin from the harsh elements.


I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they launched their global e-store and after my initial experience with them I look forward to continuing to order from them. The selection online was not as vast as what I would find in their stores but the launch of the e-store is headed towards the right direction. One of Innisfree’s selling point is that they are a eco-friendly company through sourcing natural ingredients from Jeju Island to using recyclable packaging in order to give back to the earth.


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Yojiya – A 110 Year Old Cosmetic Company


In Kyoto, I have noticed that a lot of the businesses there have been in business for over a century and Yojiya was one of the companies that I have stumbled upon my visit. Yojiya has been in business since 1904 and of their product portfolio, they are best known for their blotting paper (aburatorigami) where it still remains as one of their top sellers today. For those that are not familiar with blotting paper, these are special kind of papers designed to soak up excess facial oil that can be quite uncomfortable. In addition to blotting paper, they also have hand cream, make up, skin care, etc. 

I know when it comes to cosmetics in Japan, many people would think of the large conglomerates such as Shiseido and Shu Uemura but there are so many smaller brands that are worth mentioning. I love supporting local businesses when I travel and after trying the products by Yojiya, I definitely felt that it was worth the price. Sadly the majority of their stores are located in Kyoto and some kiosks at the airports/train stations. I definitely will need to return to the city again to stock up!

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A little love……


With the cold weather, one of the key concerns is having cracked, painful hands. A key part of a skin care regime aside from the face are the hands and with the amount of wear and tear is goes through each day, a little love for it never hurts. Of the hand creams on the market, one of my all favourites is the Cherry Blossom by L’Occitane, not only is it non greasy but it is lightly scented so that for those with super sensitive skin it is quite suitable.

For more information, please see below:


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Life Saver

Pure + Simple

With the first extreme cold weather warning in effect today, it is an excellent time to make sure that one’s skin is well taken care of. I am a fan of the Pure + Simple skin care line with their organic and natural approach to skin care which is extremely important for someone such as myself who is allergic to a whole list of items. Skin care isn’t just a beauty routine but it is also a huge part of one’s health as the skin is the largest organ that requires a lot of love and attention. Finding what works for a lot of people can be an ongoing dance which is why the moment you come across something that works, there is a sense of joy that creeps in.

For more information, please visit their website below: