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Korean Mochi Bread


I had never bought instant bread mix before but this particular one intrigued me. I have had mochi bread before from T&T Supermarket but its a bit pricey in my opinion so luckily while I was visiting Korean Town, I stumbled on a box of instant bread mix which turned out to be a great buy. I was quite surprised at how easy it was to work the dough and knead it without having to worry about proofing.

For those that aren’t familiar with mochi bread, it is made from mochi flour (glutinous flour) which gives it this distinct chewy texture that you would not get from bread that is normally made from bread flour or all-purpose flour. It’s a fun bread to eat and I hope I can learn to make it from scratch eventually….



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Family Day Weekend


The weather in Toronto has been absolutely spectacular this past weekend and without a doubt it was a much needed respite from the extreme cold alerts that the city has been experiencing. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with their family.

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Starbucks Hong Kong


In my recent trip to Hong Kong, I had a craving for Starbucks which is not exactly a surprise to those that know me. There is something magical and mystical about caffeine but while coffee is pretty much standard in their locations around the world, the pastries are not. I have had my share of muffins over the years but this was my first time trying a matcha red bean muffin which surprisingly works.

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Ice Fest 2015

wpid-img_20150222_203736.jpgDespite the intense cold, I decided to brave the weather to check out Ice Fest and I was definitely not disappointed. The theme of this year was “Frozen in Time” and it was quite fitting that the artists brought back the ancient times with Egyptian inspired carvings. It is weirdly poetic because as much as we want to freeze time, it has a way to melt away (no pun intended).

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Toronto Christmas Market – Distillery District


I have been seriously delinquent on my postings over this past month but I do have good reason though. I am sure all of you know that with holiday season, it’s a crazy busy time for anyone and everyone but it does not mean that I don’t take a breather though. Over this past weekend, I decided to make a trip to the Distillery District for some chocolate and of course their annual Christmas Market.


With the historical backdrop of the Distillery District, the organizers did an amazing job in transforming it into a Christmas Market that gives off a distinctive European feel.


With local merchants participating, this event gives participants the chance to enjoy the holidays and also for them to learn about local businesses that they may not be aware of. Naturally, no market is ever complete with a poutine offering!