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Hello November!


With November arriving as well as day light savings (don’t forget to adjust your clocks), the days are getting shorter without a doubt. I know the last few days of October has been a bit wet and cold which means that sunny (warm) days will be hard to come by. If we are lucky to get a sunny/warm day, let’s enjoy it to the fullest!


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Ashbridge Estate


Despite the fact that Toronto is a relatively modern city compared to other major cities around the world, I am always pleasantly surprised to see historical buildings that are well-preserved. One of my favourite buildings would be the Ashbridge Estate located between the Beaches and the Lesileville area. The Ashbridge Family first arrived in Toronto (formerly known as York) in the late 1700s and they had settled in the area for 200 years. As the time changed so did the family’s profession from pioneers, farmers and finally to professionals. To that effect, portions of the land that they had occupied was sold off over the years for development purposes but the Ashbridge Estate remains to tell their story.

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Ed’s Real Scoop


I have referenced Ed’s Real Scoop in some of my previous posts but never actually spoke about them in detail. If you are ever in Toronto, Ed’s Real Scoop would probably be one of the local favourites for their quality, variety and their hospitality. They make everything from gelatos, sorbets, ice creams and chocolate dipped desserts. In terms of flavours, they offer everything from an espresso gelato to pumpkin flavoured ice cream.


They aren’t just restricted to food as they also have a good sense of humour. Check out their signage from today:



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Moo Milk Bar


As far as I am concerned, cookies and milk are a match made in food heaven. What I love about them is that they are good year round including the blazing hot summer. I know most people would choose ice cream at the first thought of summer but a nice glass of cold milk and a cookie is just as awesome. Moo Milk Bar is a relatively new establishment that is based in the beaches area of Toronto and they are a delight! They offer a variety of milk ranging from banana, mocha to strawberry but that is not all because their cookie selections are also equally impressive. What is not to love?

Check out their selection: