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Korean Mochi Bread


I had never bought instant bread mix before but this particular one intrigued me. I have had mochi bread before from T&T Supermarket but its a bit pricey in my opinion so luckily while I was visiting Korean Town, I stumbled on a box of instant bread mix which turned out to be a great buy. I was quite surprised at how easy it was to work the dough and knead it without having to worry about proofing.

For those that aren’t familiar with mochi bread, it is made from mochi flour (glutinous flour) which gives it this distinct chewy texture that you would not get from bread that is normally made from bread flour or all-purpose flour. It’s a fun bread to eat and I hope I can learn to make it from scratch eventually….



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La Fête du Pain


I been rather neglectful of my blog over the past week which makes me wonder whether I should consider renaming the blog. Mmmmm….

It is during these times where I love having comfort food and there is nothing more comforting than bread. On my latest visit to France I was so happy that it coincided with La Fête du Pain which gave me the opportunity to have freshly made baguettes on site near by Notre Dame.


It was certainly one of the highlights of the trip because you would think making bread seems so simple but it isn’t just a task, it is an art! If you ever get the chance to visit around May, I recommend you to stop by Notre Dame and experience what France has to offer.