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Korokke (Croquette) – Attempt #2

Although my first attempt at making a korokke was a lot better than what I had expected, I wanted to revisit the recipe and make some improvements. This time around, I had added a bit more seasoning and shrunk the size so it’s a bit more suitable for children to eat as well. During my first attempt, the korokke¬†was closer to a patty but I decided to shape it closer to a tater tot to appeal to my nieces.

I am still mastering the art of frying items but one of the things that I am slowly getting better at is controlling the temperature. I don’t own a deep fryer so this was done using the pan which took some trial and error. I would fill the pan up with about an inch thick of oil and before I would start frying I would toss some panko into the oil to see if it bubbles up.


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Korokke (Croquette)

With the extra potatoes lying around the kitchen, I decided to try something new after watching a travel show. When I had visited Japan for the first time, I actually did not try korokkes which just gives me the reason to go back as soon as possible. For those that are not aware, korokke is basically croquettes with a Japanese twist.
As I was searching for recipes online, I came across this recipe that seemed relatively easy to follow. The results turned out better than I had expected but I think I will need to add more seasoning next time I make it as my family prefers richer tasting items.