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Narita Airport


With the different airports that I have been to, I would have to say that Narita Airport is possibly one of my favourite ones especially with the amount of things to do during a layover. I couldn’t stop myself and had a little fun stocking up on some onigiris and Kit Kats. I know a lot of people out there have had some boring experiences at airports with nothing to do but with traveling, sometimes you never know what you may find.



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Green Tea (Matcha) Oreos


I love Oreos on its own and also in a McFlurry so imagine my surprise when I stumbled on my latest little discovery. On a recent visit to a local Asian supermarket, I’ve noticed that they had mini green tea Oreos imported from Japan and I just had to buy them out of curiosity. I wasn’t sure what to make of green tea Oreos since the it never occurred to me that green tea and Oreos can compliment each other.

However, after trying it I was convinced that the flavouring works as green tea (matcha) is a bit on the dark/bitter end which is balanced with the sweet/chocolate flavouring of the cookies themselves.



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Mochi Attempt #2


Although my first attempt at making a mochi was less than desirable, it didn’t deter me from trying again and I was happy that this time that it worked out a lot better after much practicing. The thing I have noticed about making mochi is that it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients but it does require a lot of patience. There are many steps involved but there is a sense of accomplishment when you assemble everything together from creating the red bean paste, the mochi dough and finally the end product. See below:




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Last Night in Kyoto


It’s been one amazing journey in Asia and sadly all good things must come to an end. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend my last night in Japan before I fly home so I decided to walk around and find some inspiration. Being the geek that I am, inspiration came pretty quick in the form of conveyor belt sushi. I had watched a lot of dramas and shows featuring this so its been rather gratifying being able to try it out myself.


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Nishiki Market


It’s a bit blurry, I know but in my defence I was too busy eating. I might want to stop multitasking when I am trying to take a picture. Nishiki Market is a fun place for anyone who is a foodie because as you walk down this strip there are tons of food samples available as well as stores selling cookware and other items that you might need in the kitchen. If you love food as much as I do, this is an awesome place to visit when in Kyoto.

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Nijo Castle


Imposing, overwhelming, awesome? I think all three of those words are pretty accurate descriptions of Niji Castle. Despite the fact that it is now a tourist site, there is a sense of intrigue that has not been lost over the centuries and you feel that when you step into Ninomaru Palace which is located within the castle. It is within Ninomaru Palace that you feel as though you are back in the Edo Period as there are beautiful artwork, tatami mats and mannequins displaying the daily life of court. I wished I was able to share a photo but due to the vulnerability of the artifacts photography was prohibited. If the chance ever arises to allow you to walk through these gates, I say go for it without hesitation.