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Asakusa (Old Tokyo)


Despite Tokyo being a major modern hub, there are still areas that retain the traditional atmosphere. Asakusa would be a prime example of that with the Senso-ji Temple which is one of the oldest in the country along with its shopping district carrying traditional Japanese goods.


Nakamise-dori (dori in Japanese means street) would probably be one of my favourite shopping areas in Tokyo because of its affordability and the traditional flare it displays. The street is located between the Kaminari Gate to the Senso-ji Temple so many of the shops are jammed packed together as the length of the street wasn’t very long. Many of the shops on the street carries traditional sweets, fashions as well as art and it’s actually a great place to pick up mementos to bring home.


On route to the temple, I came across this shop selling this deep-fried pastry called Agemanju with green tea flavoured filling on the inside. There were a variety of flavours aside from green tea including the classic red bean. It was scorching hot but after the tayaki lesson, I decided to let it cool a bit before I chowed down on it.


When I finally reached the temple, I couldn’t help but to admire the art inside. This was one of those times where I wished I had invested in a more powerful camera to capture everything.

The grounds of the temple didn’t just have buildings but near by there were pagodas as well as this gorgeous pond that was simply beautiful!