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Lunch at Yoyogi Park


I was actually quite surprised at the reasonable price of a udon noodle at the visitor resting area at the park. Normally, I avoid eating at places by tourist attractions just because it can get a bit pricey but I was way too hungry to care that day. It is quite funny how all logic goes out of the window when you are starving and all you could think about was getting something into the stomach. For 650円, I was well fed and it kept me stuffed for the remainder of the day until dinner. (It’s also cheaper than the price of a McDonald’s combo in Toronto) 

Despite enjoying a satisfying lunch, I couldn’t resist the sight of green tea ice cream. I know most people cringe at the idea of green tea in any other format other than drinking but if its done right, green tea is simply delicious in any type of desserts. Some people might not be used to the taste as it is more of an acquired taste and I think if you ever come across green tea chocolate, ice cream, or cake, give it a go.