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Sushi Brunch at Tsukiji Fish Market



I decided that in midst of touring Tsukiji fish market, a brunch was in order and what better choice than going for a sushi brunch. I had initially wanted to visit the famous Sushi Dai where they are known to have some of the best sushi in town but the line up was pure madness. How would you define madness? It was an estimated 3 hour wait!!! Instead of wasting precious time in the city, I decided to go to Yamazaki Sushi instead and I was definitely not disappointed. There was a bit of a wait but to me it was worth it because it was the first time I had sushi served on a leaf. The meal was delicious and super fresh because the sushi would be made as I was eating. Every time I finished a piece, the sushi chef would have a new piece made for me and it was a new experience for me.

Onto the touring of the fish market and if you love seafood, this is the place to go!


I wasn’t able to get up early enough for the famous tuna auction but I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.┬áTsukiji fish market is one of the largest wholesale markets in the world and the biggest in terms of fish and seafood. When touring the market, it is extremely important to be careful of the surroundings because this is a place of business so there are trucks/forklifts going at all times.


I had always thought that St. Lawrence Market back in Toronto can be a bit intense but it definitely has nothing on this market. The selection is massive and aside from seafood items, the market also sells knives, tea, as well as other merchandise.